Tuesday, April 29, 2014



We spoke deep into the morn, 
For 5 hours out of the norm.
Your life tender, your heart did bare, 
My secrets I spoke and trust your care, 

I learned your life and feel the truth.
Off your shoulders you spoke and soothed.
You want to tell me your story deep,
In my mind your privacy I keep. 

I know now you have endured great pain,
I pray The Lord's grace will relive this strain. 
Through it all the trail is long,
But across time you've become so strong.

I have many things new that I need to process, 
All I can see is full of great success.
Happiness and comfort, I am content
For I know from God, a gift is sent.

I know my life has many choices and direction,
To be together will add so much more tension. 
To outweigh this I only seek sweet tender happiness,
And gentle love is what I want I must confess. 

You'll add more beauty to this place,
Something new and precious and full of grace.
I yearn happiness and plenty of joy,
For your new present from our Lord!

I opened my eyes this morning and felt your sincere intent.
I want the same and know you're heaven sent. 
I have to get the world out of my mind,
And understand that Christ Jesus is just so kind!

Edris Griffith 4-16-2014

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