Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Family of Charms

I sit in the night
My heart is alright
I think of you 
And all that is new
know that I care
About all that we share 
Our life is so real
And all that we feel

We think of each other
And all that can bother
Of what people say
About our great day
God gave us love
Straight from above
People don't matter
Regardless what they might chatter

But what really is great
About our perfect date
Is that it's only about us
And that no one can fuss
When they look at our heart
They can't pull us apart
God gave me you
And there's nothing they can do!

The last of this song
Is that our love is so strong
Only our creator has gave 
Long past the grave
Is eternity by each other side
Our hopes & dreams will abide 
In each other's arms
With our family of charms