Monday, July 7, 2014


Until the morn come
And your dreams done
May you see love and peace
And all your worries seise
God is with you through all the night
Til your eyes open to the bright wonderful sunlight 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Family of Charms

I sit in the night
My heart is alright
I think of you 
And all that is new
know that I care
About all that we share 
Our life is so real
And all that we feel

We think of each other
And all that can bother
Of what people say
About our great day
God gave us love
Straight from above
People don't matter
Regardless what they might chatter

But what really is great
About our perfect date
Is that it's only about us
And that no one can fuss
When they look at our heart
They can't pull us apart
God gave me you
And there's nothing they can do!

The last of this song
Is that our love is so strong
Only our creator has gave 
Long past the grave
Is eternity by each other side
Our hopes & dreams will abide 
In each other's arms
With our family of charms 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You Are The One

You Are The One

I walked outside under the stars
Feeling your love, even afar
I thanked God for who are

I want to sleep and feel your heart
I want to wake and with you each day, start 
Know your love is God's work of art

Sarah my love, I can not bear  
A moment alone but each moment share
It is only you for who I care

Edris Griffith 4/2014

Forever With You

Forever With You

I woke tonight with you by my side,
My heart swelled up with enormous pride
That I will be your man, your guy, your king 
That I will protect you against everything...

As I hear you breath and feel the baby play, 
My mind looks out many years to many a day.

When we look deeply and knowingly into each other's eyes, 
Knowing for sure, beyond a doubt, that love truly never dies.

Edris Griffith 4/2014

Me and My 4 Blessings

Me and My 4 Blessings

I am going to endure the happy mile 
I know you love me from all that I see 
You look in to my eyes 
and look deep into me

Don't forget that this will be hard
There is plenty for us to discard

But The Lord is our shepherd, 
truly we know. 
Both of us believe this, 
and our future together He will go...

Edris Griffith 4/2014 



We spoke deep into the morn, 
For 5 hours out of the norm.
Your life tender, your heart did bare, 
My secrets I spoke and trust your care, 

I learned your life and feel the truth.
Off your shoulders you spoke and soothed.
You want to tell me your story deep,
In my mind your privacy I keep. 

I know now you have endured great pain,
I pray The Lord's grace will relive this strain. 
Through it all the trail is long,
But across time you've become so strong.

I have many things new that I need to process, 
All I can see is full of great success.
Happiness and comfort, I am content
For I know from God, a gift is sent.

I know my life has many choices and direction,
To be together will add so much more tension. 
To outweigh this I only seek sweet tender happiness,
And gentle love is what I want I must confess. 

You'll add more beauty to this place,
Something new and precious and full of grace.
I yearn happiness and plenty of joy,
For your new present from our Lord!

I opened my eyes this morning and felt your sincere intent.
I want the same and know you're heaven sent. 
I have to get the world out of my mind,
And understand that Christ Jesus is just so kind!

Edris Griffith 4-16-2014


(For a mom - 20 More Weeks!)

Lord, do you think am I ready to face,
the people down there and that scary place.
This one I call mom seems sweet and warm.
I look forward to be in her loving arms.

I will try and do the best I can,
to follow your endearing perfect plan.
But if I fall along the way,
oh dear Lord, what will you say? 

My child, you need not worry and need not fret, 
where I send you, all is set.
Your mom will love you with all her heart.
She will teach you right from the start

When you become age eight, 
It's your turn to keep things straight.
The gift I give is that of choice,
you can always ask and listen for my voice

As you grow old, things will change
you will be tempted and things will be strange
But look back to your mom who led you right, 
and know you're her child both day and night

I as well, will be by your side
I left you a companion who will always abide
Ask for his help in time of need
and from your troubles you can be freed

But Lord, I know I will surely fall
and will let you down after all
This place I go is so full of wrong
Some looks interesting for which I'll long 

I'll choose the bad when I'm weak
I'll make mistakes and pleasures seek
What do I do when I've gone astray?
Do I give up and what price will I pay?

My dear child, you need not fear
As I said, I am always here.
The gift I left who will abide
Will never falter and will be by your side

Peace be yours when ever you ask
I tell you this, it will ever last
Ask for me and truly know
I am with you where ever you go

Edris Griffith - 4-17-2014

A Short Poem For Beautiful Eyes

A Short Poem For Beautiful Eyes

I am absolutely sure I have found,
The coolest person I've ever met.
I can talk for hours completely content,
And In my heart of hearts, have no regret.